What is the Verse Card Maker?

The Verse Card Maker (VCM) a is quick and easy way to create cards for scripture memorization. All you have to do is enter the reference of the passage(s) you would like to learn and the VCM does the rest, from fetching the text to splitting long passages into manageable chunks then delivering a fully formatted PDF for easy printing.

What's New?

  • Automatic Splitting of Long Passages - Memorizing large passages or an entire chapter is now incredibly simple! Gone are the days of manually breaking up passages so they will fit on a card. Just enter the reference and tell the VCM how many verses you want on each card, then watch as the VCM automatically breaks your passage up into manageable chunks.
  • Double Sided Printing - No more guessing about whether the paper should be upside-down or right-side-up and what direction it should go when printing. The VCM supports double sided printing!
  • 10 Business Cards Per Page - No more wasted paper, the VCM has gone green.
  • Subject Field - Want to be able to categorize your verses by subject? Now you can.
  • New Look - The previous design was showing its age, so the whole site has gotten a facelift and now takes advantage of some newer technology that was not available when the VCM was originally released.

The Story Behind the Verse Card Maker

My brother and I were both saved while we were college students, and early on we saw the value of scripture memorization as a means of worship, encouragement, and resisting temptation. As the length of the passages we were memorizing started increasing, creating new cards started to become a chore. My brother created the first primitive version of the Verse Card Maker using just an Excel spreadsheet and some copying and pasting. It wasn't pretty or easy, but it was better that what we had been doing. However, after a time of faithful service the spreadsheet stopped working for unknown reasons.

While a great disappointment at the time, the death of the spreadsheet is ultimately the reason that the VCM exists today. After it stopped working, I put my programming knowledge to use and created a new version of the program that over time had more and more features added to it, such as word counts, custom text sizes, and PDF generation. Up to this point the Verse Card Maker was only used by myself, my brother, and a few friends, but in 2009 the Verse Card Maker made its public d├ębut with hopes of added functionality being added. However, for the next five years there would be no significant changes to the VCM.

In Fall 2014 the most recent version of the Verse Card Maker was introduced and added many new features. The most significant of theses being the ability to automatically split large passages, fit 10 business cards per page (instead of the previous 8) and the updated look.

About the Creator

Michael Scott is a web designer/developer located in Dallas, Texas. He is also a husband and father of two children. When he is not working or hanging out with his family, he is out hucking a disc on the ultimate field.

You can also check out my Etsy shop devoted to scripture art.

If you have any questions or comments about the VCM or if you would like to discuss having me design your next website, contact me at mcscott@mcscott.org