General Questions

What is the Verse Card Maker?

The Verse Card Maker (VCM) a is quick and easy way to create cards for scripture memorization. All you have to do is enter the reference of the passage(s) you would like to learn and the VCM does the rest, from fetching the text to splitting long passages into manageable chunks then delivering a fully formatted PDF for easy printing.

How do I open a PDF?

Verse Cards are delivered in PDF format and require a program such as Adobe's Acrobat Reader to be opened. Acrobat Reader can be obtained for free from Adobe's website.

VCM Features

What is the Split Long Passages feature?

The split long passages option is a new feature to the Verse Card Maker. When enabled, the VCM will automatically break up large passages across multiple cards that do not exceed a specified number of verses in length. If the amount of text on a card at the specified verse count is too great, the VCM will reduce the number of verses on that card until it fits.

For example, if you entered the reference "Esther 8" and specified that you wanted 4 verses per card, the VCM would split the passage up into 6 cards, each containing no more than 4 verses on each card. The breakdown would look like this: Esther 8:1-4, Esther 8:5-7, Esther 8:8-9, Esther 8:10-12, Esther 8:13-16, Esther 8:17. Even though 4 verses per card was specified, not every card contained 4 verses, since four verses on a card would have been too much text. When 4 verses would fit, the VCM will place 4 verses on the card, if not the VCM will reduce the number of verses on that card until it will fit.

What is the Learn By Date feature?

The learn by date is for people who want to memorize scripture on a schedule. The start date refers to the date that you want to begin learning a passage and the number of days learn is how long you will take to memorize a passage. If your start date were 4/24/2000 and you needed 7 days to memorize each passage, your next card would have the date 5/1/2000, the next card would have 5/8/2000, and so on for each card. If you wanted all cards to have the same date you can leave the days to learn field empty or put a "0".

What is the Subject feature?

The subject field is for people that want to memorize scripture around a specific subject, such as the "Deity of Christ", "Assurance", or "The Gospel".


What kind of paper should I use?

You should print your cards on 8.5 x 11 paper (and would recommend that it be a thick paper such as card stock). Theoretically, you should be able to use the perforated business card paper that is available at most office supply stores, but I have yet to test this.

Manual Printing Instructions

If your printer does not support double sided printing or you're not sure if it does, manual mode will work for any printer. The printing method for manual mode is more complicated than double sided printing because you will have to print in two stages.

Begin by printing the first half of the pages from the PDF and pay careful attention to the way in which the paper travels through your printer. After the pages have printed, reverse the order of the pages and reload them into your printers paper tray in such a way that the printer will print on the blank side of the paper and begin printing at the top side of the page. Then print the second half of pages from the PDF.

Double Sided Printing Instructions

Double sided printing is extremely easy. Make sure your printer's double sided printing option is enabled and then print all the pages and your printer will take care of the rest.

Why aren't the dotted lines printing correctly?

Some Google Chrome users have experienced problems with the dotted lines on the front side of the cards not printing properly. A way around this issue is to use a different web browser or to save the PDF and then print from your default PDF viewer.


What are the numbers on the bottom of the card?

The number located on the bottom of each card is the card's word count. To most this will be a useless feature, but some might find it helpful.

I have used the word count previously in Bible study groups to measure how closely myself and others have memorized a passage of scripture. We strove to memorize a verse with at least 90% accuracy, so when quizzing one another we would keep track of how many words we missed and use the word count to determine if we were within an acceptable margin of error.

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